SUP Rental Sardinia

Fitness and relaxation

A board, a paddle and love for sports, fitness and relaxation: this is the SUP.

SUP stands for "Stand Up Paddling" and it has a Polynesian heritage but it was from Hawaii Islands that its modern version became very popular and it has been spreading all over the world. It translates in hawaiian to "YU HOE HE' E NALU", that is "to stand, to paddle to surf a wave" and indeed in the 60's it is precisely in this way the surfing instructors overlooked their students because it allowed them to have a better visual perspective. Around the year 2000, Rick Thomas, a Vietnam veteran, was the first surfer to bring SUP to California. Since then SUP has begun to increase in popularity and nowadays it has risen to the status of a real sport which is loved by a growing number of people.

SUP can be done offshore, on rivers and on lakes, not matter if there are waves or not. Thanks to so many positive items, many athletes think that SUP is ideal to provide a complete physical workout promoting muscle toning and strengthening in particular of legs, back, abs and pecs.

Why not try a fantastic watersport on a crystalline sea? It's great fun!