Windsurf Palau

Courses and Lessons

Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn to windsurf for the very first time or an advanced windsurfer, everyone can learn.

Are you a complete beginner?

We will teach you the basics! Our fantastic sea and wind conditions are ideals for beginners. At the end of the course you will: master the basic moves, know how to assemble and use the gear, and understand the safety rules of the sea. After, practice will make you stronger! As you get more confident on your board we will move toward more advanced techniques that will allow you to surf in stronger wind conditions.

Are you a self-learner and do you want to overcome lack of confidence in basic moves? 

A personalized windsurfing program could allow you to improve rapidly and take you to the next level.

You are an experienced surfer but are feeling a bit rusty?

We can certainly help get you back into shape and teach you some tricks you never thought you could do!